243 Training:

Part 243 indicates railroads with less than 400,000 total employee work hours annually must have their Training and Qualification plan submitted to the FRA by May 1, 2021.

As a contractor I am registered and approved by the FRA and my company can be found on the FRA 243 web page.

I have approved FRA training material to train on the following Parts.


Part 216 – Special Notice and Emergency Order Procedures: Railroad Track, Locomotive and Equipment (submission required!)

Part 217 – Railroad Operating Rules (no submission required)

Part 218 (less Camp Cars and subpart F) – Railroad Operating Practices (submission required!)

Part 221 – Rear End Marking Device - Passenger, Commuter and Freight Trains (submission required!)

Part 222 – Use of Locomotive Horns at Public Highway-Rail Grade Crossings (submission required!)

Part 223 – Safety Glazing Standards —Locomotives, Passenger Cars and Cabooses (submission required!)

Part 224 – Reflectorizing of Rail Freight Rolling Stock (submission required!)

Part 229 (less subpart D and E) – Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards (submission required!)

Part 231 – Railroad Safety Appliance Standards (submission required!)

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Train Safe Eccentrics, Inc.

  • Specializes in Class 3 Short line Railroad Training
  • Safety Certification Training
  • Conductor Certification 2-day classroom training. Plus, on the job training at your location.
  • Engineer Training Program complete with certification
  • GCOR Training
  • Haz Mat Course
  • On track safety
  • Air Brake and Train Handling.


TSE provides training for Short Line Railroads, which includes Safety Certification, General Code of Operating Rules, and Engineer and Conductor Certification, as well as operational safety audits across the area for all Short Lines.

Other services include:

  • Develop 240 Engineer Certification
  • Develop 242 Conductor Certification
  • General oversight of rail operations and safety performance
  • Safety program development
  • Process management
  • On-site investigation and review of safety processes
  • Public safety
  • Federal and state regulatory process control
  • Management training
  • Railroad operating rules, hazardous materials, air brake and train handling rules and operations.
  • On track Safety

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Train Safe Eccentrics provides the highest quality consulting, training and expertise in the rail industry. With more than 42 years of experience in the rail industry, including experience in Class 1 railroad operations, I possess a vast knowledge of the day-to-day operations of railroads and terminals. I also have strong knowledge of all aspects of safety, dispatching, engineering and mechanical.

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