Curriculum Vitae of Ben Ritter

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Professional Experience

Train Safe Eccentrics will be proven as an industry leader for the highest quality and expertise in providing consulting and training in the rail industry. I have 42 years as a Professional in the rail industry with experience in Class 1 Railroad operations. I possess a vast knowledge of the day to day operations of the railroad and the terminals and I have strong knowledge of all aspects of Safety, as well as dispatching, engineering and mechanical. I have been trained as an accident and incident investigator and have investigated numerous rail equipment accidents, employee injuries, rule violations and other types of incidents during the last 21 years of my management career with the Union Pacific Railroad. I possess a strong passion for safety and I will provide detailed root cause analyses to ensure the necessary corrective actions and preventive measures are implemented.

I provide expert services and testimony for the railroad industry in the area of operating practices. This includes train operation and handling, crew behavior, conduct and safety performance. I have provided numerous depositions and assisted the Union Pacific Law Department as an expert witness in legal cases. I have extensive experience with locomotive event recorder analyzation, strong knowledge of heavy grade operations, track train dynamics, distributive power, as well as remote control operations. I have provided expert advice to the UP management on Operating Practices and derailment prevention.

My style of leadership begins with a Vision for success. I have a strong compassion for the rail industry and my goal is to enhance safety for the industry, for employees as well as for the general public. I am driven by inspiration, self-motivation and throttled with great enthusiasm and passion. Knowledge and expertise will be communicated within your company. I display honesty and integrity which will enhance respect. I have proven to be firm but a fair leader who always portrays a positive outlook towards the goals and mission of your team. The dynamics of these results will build trust within your organization. I will take action to keep your employees safe, by fixing an unsafe situation, addressing an unsafe behavior or stopping the line. Building upon these traits will generate trust, inspiration, dedication and excellence towards the Rail Industry. The results will be immeasurable towards the Safety and Service of your company.

Qualifications, Continued

  • Track Maintenance and Inspections. Tie Gang Machine Operator
  • Yard and Local Trainmen
  • Class 1 Locomotive Engineer
  • DSLE (designated supervisor of locomotive engineers)
  • Class 6 Remote Control Operator
  • DSRCO (designated supervisor of remote control operators)
  • Class 8 Certified Conductor
  • Well Versed in Heavy Grade Training. Helper Operations. Distributive Power
  • Train handling and air brakes.
  • Track Train Dynamics
  • Expert in Event Recorder Evaluation
  • I have taken numerous classes on derailment investigation,
  • Expert Derailment Prevention. Taught numerous classes on causation.
  • Investigate numerous derailments, collisions and major train accidents.
  • Mechanical and track Components.
  • Experience giving depositions in FELA and other railroad related cases.
  • Provide assistance to legal counsel in jury trials.
  • Fireman in training instructor.
  • Drug and Alcohol Training.
  • Investigation Training.
  • Fuel Conservation
  • PTC



Director of Terminal Operations, Sparks NV

My last position before I retired was Director of Terminal Operations in Sparks Nevada for the Union Pacific. I supervised over 200 employees, over 700 miles of track, and had 5 other managers on my team. I was instrumental in implementing DP over the Roseville subdivision. From training engineers, as well as addressing train placement and profile issues. I created numerous standard work projects to enhance the velocity and train speed through the Sparks terminal. In 2007 this terminal experienced 15 PI’s, 13 HF derailments, and the same stats in 2008. In 2009 the High Desert team went the entire year without a personal injury to a TE&Y Employee. I was selected as the Safety Manger of the year for those accomplishments. In 2014 the High Desert team went the entire calendar year without a Human Factor Derailment. As I previously stated, I possess strong knowledge in Operating Practice, from training new engineers on equipment and air brakes, very knowledgeable about all types of locomotives and freight equipment. I have instructed numerous classes on train handling, track train dynamics. I have been trained on the latest Locomotive technology such as PTC. Trip Optimizer, LEADER and Smart consist. Plus, all the new safety features that the Union Pacific has installed on their locomotives.


Director of Road Operations, Los Angles Service Unit

I elected to take this position account I saw a huge demand to provide leadership and training to 22 Managers of Operating Practice for the Service Unit, I was instrumental in training of event recorder analyzation, derailment investigation and incident training. Worked with operating practice to develop heavy grade training, DP and train handling procedures. Unfortunately, I investigated accidents involving fatality’s and amputations. I have been involved in the Fireman in Training curriculum on the LA Service Unit,


General Director of Operations’ Western Region Roseville CA

In 2004 I was promoted to General Director of Regional Operations for the Western Region headquartered in Roseville CA. I was in charge of operating practice, derail prevention and safety was the key focus. I provided training and expertise on event recorder evaluations. Taught several classes on derailment investigation and causation. Was involved in the Go Team proves for the Western Region where our purpose was to investigate all catastrophic events, including collisions, amputation’s and fatality’s. Monitored 6 Service Units for compliance of safety and operating practice reporting to the AVP of the region. Worked extensively with the Superintendents and Directors of the Service Units. This provided the opportunity to travel to numerous locations throughout the region, this enhanced my knowledge of the entire network of the railroad.


Sr. Manager of Train Operations. Eugene OR

I was involved in the day to day operation of managing the terminal and 200 miles of road territory. My primary task was to implement DP over the Cascades. This included training, as well as building train for compliance with the train placement criteria for heavy grade operation.

October 1997

Manager of Train Operations, La Grande OR

Continued to work extensively with the DP operation from Nampa ID to Hinkle Oregon, supervised 150 TE&Y employees. Worked in the day to day operation of running a safe and efficient terminal and operation. The La Grande terminal saw a tremendous improvement in safety, from the reduction of personal injuries and human factor derailments.

July 1995

Manager of Operating Practice. Union Pacific. La Grande OR

Instrumental in the implementation of Distributive Power over the Blue Mountains in Oregon. UP was the first class 1railroad to implement Locotrol 3 in manifest business. Was involved in all aspects of training in DP, from understanding the equipment as well as train handling over heavy grade.


Locomotive ENGINEER Salina, KS; Oakley, KS; Denver, CO; Portola, CA; North Platte, NE

Had the opportunity to borrow out as a class 1 engineer in numerous places - Kansas, Colorado, California, Nevada, Nebraska. TWC, ABS CTC Dark Territory and Cab Signal


Locomotive Engineer Council, Ks

  • Worked as an Engineer - Yard, Local and Thru Freight

August 1976

Transferred into Engine Service Fireman in Training Council Grove, KS

  • Worked 6 months as a fireman
  • Attended Engineer classroom training in Little Rock, AR
  • 6 months of training over the road
  • Promoted to Engineer in September 1976 at 21 years old

May 1976

Brakeman Missouri Pacific Railroad Council Grove, KSBrakeman Training in Ft. Worth TX

  • Worked 2 months as a Brakeman in Kansas

Jan 1975 – May 1976

Tie Gang machine Operator, Foreman

  • Worked as a laborer, pulling plates setting spikes.
  • Machine Operator, Tie Handler, Tie Inserter, Tamper
  • Able to operate every machine on a tie gang.
  • Tamping Gang, Switch Tamper Operator
  • March 1976. Foreman of 40 man tie gang in Kansas

August 6, 1974

Trackman for Missouri Pacifc Railroad Neodesha, KS

  • Maintenance of railroad track and components
  • Inspection of track with motor car.
  • Welder Helper

I have participated in the investigation of the following train collisions.

  • Kelso, Washington in 2005, UP train collided with a BN train
  • San Antonio,TX where two employees were falatly injured
  • Bloom, Utah with a side swipe of 2 trains.
  • A head on collision at Carrizozo, New Mexico where two employees were fataly injured
  • Investigated a collision in Heber, CA where a main track switch in non-signal territory was left open and a train headed into an industry track, colliding with a cut of cars.
  • A head on train collision at Glamis, CA. Engineer fataly injured
  • I participated in the massive derailment involving the runaway locomotives on Beaumont Hill on the LA Service Unit. I had to appear in Sacramento to provide information gathered from the accident to the FRA, and prepare training for all engineers that operate on Heavy Grade.

I have participated in the investigation of the following incidents involving amputations and fatalities:

  • Conductor in Dunmuir, CA. Arm amputation.
  • Switchmen in LA, both legs amputated.
  • Conductor in Yermo, CA, leg amputation.
  • Switchmen in Richland, WA, fatal injury from being crushed between equipment.
  • RCO in Long Beach, CA, fataly injured in switchmen accident at grade crossing.

I have made numerous public speaking presentations in all fields of railroading. From local staff meetings on the Service Unit, to the FRA and STB, as well as the UP Headquarters in Omaha. I have also made two presentations to the GE Harris group on Distributive Power in Melbourne, Florida. I am very well versed in running EQMS data, FTX reports, and auto scan criteria.

I have been involved in numerous depositions for various cases involving personal injury. I have provided assistance to counsel for the railroad’s attorneys in jury trials.

I consider myself an expert in event recorder analysis, track train dynamics and Heavy Grade railroading.

I was previously a class 1 engineer and a DSLE. (Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers)

I was a class 6 remote control operator and have trained several employees on the equipment.

I am trained in Alcohol and Drug training; I have had to remove employees from service on account reporting for work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I am well versed in investigation procedures for TE&Y, where I have been the conducting officer as well as the hearings officer. I consider myself an expert when it comes to preparing presentations, using Power Point and Word documents. I used Excel in several aspects of my job. I was very instrumental in creating safety topic 1 pagers, and creating standard work documents for yard and local crews.

Knowledgeable of the CFR, including part 215, plus 214 217, 218, 219, 221, 228, 232, 240 and 242.

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